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Scottish Courts - Small Claims

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Case Study 1 – Business Debt Recovery

In 2015, we were approached by a well known business based in Castle Douglas who had been unsuccessful in securing payment of a large bill for their services from a well known and established business. We assessed their case and recommended that we take a robust approach to recovering the payment which included advising the debtor that we would seek a court order to seize assets from their business to the value of the original debt plus interest at 8% per year if they failed to pay. This action resulted in prompt action by the debtor who we successfully recovered the entire amount we claimed on behalf of our customer.

The owner, Mr AB, said "David, I’m delighted to confirm that payment has been received today including all of the interest! I’m sending you copies of all of my other unpaid bills and look forward to you getting those back for us as well. Brilliant work"

Case Study 2 – Business Debt Recovery

In 2015 we were approached by a business that had taken on temporary staff and who had purchased additional goods and materials to undertake a large contract. This was completed to the customer’s satisfaction but they failed to pay. This placed the business in some difficulty as they had paid for the temporary staff and goods and materials used on the job. We managed to trace the debtor, who had moved overseas, and were successful in recovering payment, plus interest.

Mr CD, owner, said "Many thanks for sorting this problem out for me. I don’t know what you said to them but it definitely did the trick. If I have any further problems getting paid in future, you’ll be the first to hear from me and I’ll be recommending you to my friends in the trade!"