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Scottish Courts - Small Claims

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For Your Business

Your time is valuable, you have your employees and suppliers to pay and spending hours chasing customers who haven't (or won't) pay for your hard work can be seriously frustrating and expensive! You could turn to a solicitor but that can be time consuming and expensive with the only guarantee being their bill. Quite often, the amounts you might be owed are too small to be worth the time and effort.

We offer an alternative, cost effective solution that means if you don't get paid, neither do we! No matter how big or small your unpaid bills are, we can help. Click here for more information on how we recover your unpaid bills. Click here for more information on our charges and costs.

For Individuals

We offer a range of services to help people struggling to deal with other organisations, big or small, such as utilities suppliers, local councils and other companies. For example, we have successfully resolved problems for a number of customers who received incorrect bills supplied by a number of gas and electricity suppliers and have helped one customer who bought a fridge-freezer from a well known high street store that was never delivered.

We can also advise and help individuals faced with sensitive and difficult situations involving other persons. For example, we recently successfully mediated on behalf of a customer faced with a challenging family matter and we have successfully intervened to resolve a neighbourhood dispute.  This service is not intended to be a substitute for qualified legal advice by a solicitor and your problem may well be of such a nature as to need the services of a solicitor.  We can usually advise at an early stage if this is likely to be the situation.

We can draft these 'awkward' or sensitive letters that you may be struggling with or simply assist you in writing a properly set out and accurately worded letter to any individual or Company in accordance with your needs.