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Scottish Courts - Small Claims

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Debt Recovery

Many people consider that small debts - say £40 to £100.00 - are not worth pursuing because they just aren't worth the time and effort, let alone the costs. We firmly believe that they are and we offer an alternative service that is both cost effective and efficient.

Once you contact us, we'll arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements with no obligation. We are a registered UK Company that specialises in debt recovery for sole traders, partnerships and businesses but we can also represent individual's owed money. Once we understand your requirements, we go to work on your behalf by;

  • Formulating and sending a customised "Letter of Demand" to your debtor. Each letter is individually formulated, depending on each individual situation, as some debtors are best dealt with robustly whilst other require a more sensitive approach. You can see a sample "Letter of Demand" by clicking here (INSERT LINKS AND SAMPLE LETTERS)

  • Where allowable, we will also calculate and seek recovery of any interest that may have accrued on any unpaid bill

  • A draft Summons is often prepared and sent with the Letter of Demand to show that the matter cannot simply be ignored and to clearly demonstrate that the Creditor is serious

  • Where a Letter of Demand does not induce a satisfactory response or prompt payment we can arrange for the Summons to be issued by an authorised Sheriff’s Officer

  • Where such a Summons is served and once the time allowed to the debtor to respond has lapsed, we attend Court on your behalf to secure a decree or judgment which enables us to move to the next stage and enforce payment. Depending on individual circumstances, this can be achieved either by Attachment of Goods enforcing their removal for sale and/or an Arrestment of Wages

  • Where a Debtor needs time to pay, we negotiate and agree a Payment Plan between both parties, prepare an Acknowledgment of Debt, get it signed and then monitor the payments until such point as the debt has been repaid

  • We manage all letters, e-mails, phone calls, Court attendances and any other aspect of the recovery on your behalf

Our Costs and Charges


There are costs associated with debt recovery which is referred to as "Expenses" by the Courts. These, in theory, are recoverable from the Debtor and we always make them aware of this when we originally contact them with a Letter of Demand. Whilst such expenses are usually recovered, this may not always be practical and we will always agree each step, and any associated costs, with you before proceeding. The usual costs associated with debt recovery are as follows;

  • Summons issue by an authorised Sheriff’s Officer. Typically a £78.00 Court Fee and a £19.68 service fee.  The following link will confirm the fees and you will note that for a claim of £200.00 or less the fee for the Court to issue the Summons is a fairly modest £18.00 (as opposed to £78.00 for claims exceeding £200.00)  https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rules-and-practice/fees/sheriff-court-fees

  • This can make pursuing these irritating small debts a worthwhile proposition.

  • Court attendances. We only seek recovery of appropriate costs we may incur in travelling to and attending any court hearings

  • Miscellaneous. We only seek recovery of our costs associated with preparing and sending registered or recorded delivery letters and the costs for any phone calls we need to make. These are typically no more than £50.00 in any one case

Our Charges

In addition to our costs as outlined above, on which we will seek recovery, we charge a collection commission of 10% on, and only on, any amounts that we recover on your behalf. This commission is not recoverable from your debtor

The Alternative?

Our service contrasts with the typical legal charges incurred in using a Solicitor. Generally, they split each working hour into 6 minute segments with each being charged at £16.00 plus VAT (effectively, £192.00 per hour). Any "attendance" to your case – for example, a 2 minute phone call or reading a brief letter is classed as "an attendance" which generates a "unit charge" of £16.00 plus VAT and NONE of this is usually recoverable from the debtor! It is not unusual for a collection of, for example, a £200.00 debt taking between 4 and 6 hours to pursue through a solicitor which would be charged at around £192.00 x 6 (£1152.00).

It's not hard to see how this renders debt collection by the usual legal means completely unaffordable. We try to bridge the gap between the desire to recover and the off-putting charges of using a Solicitor.